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A research team at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) developed a new type of RNA structure targeting tool to specifically recognise unusual four-strand RNA structures, which are associated with diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders. The findings could help develop new therapeutic tools for related treatments.
animals to sense environmental cues
Inborn defensive behaviours, such as flight, freeze and fight, are crucial for animals to survive in a dangerous environment in nature. Neuroscientists from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) recently revealed the essential neurocircuitry that is fundamental for animals to perceive and integrate environmental cues to initate defensive behaviour.
highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells Primary tabs
A research team co-led by chemists from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) and Imperial College London (Imperial College) has developed new, highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells.
tmd nanosheet
Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), an emerging class of materials that can be used as semiconductors and insulators, have promising potential in various applications due to their unique properties. But the reliable production of these atomically thin 2D materials has been challenging.
CityU, portable negative pressure ventilation system
To support hospitals in Hong Kong to handle the surge in the number of patients amid the fifth wave of COVID-19 in the city, 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) modified its fast-track ventilation system invention to meet the practical needs on the medical front line.
CityU geneva 2022
Researchers at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) received tremendous accolades at Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days (IGED) 2022 by winning a total of 22 awards, the highest number among local institutions for two years in a row, including one Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury, six Gold Medals, 13 Silver Medals and two Bronze Medals.
Droplet manipulation has important applications in areas such as heat management, water harvesting, and chemical reactions. A research team from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) developed a multi-functional electrostatic droplet tweezer that can precisely “trap” liquid droplets and remotely guide their motion on flat and tilted surfaces, and in oil mediums.
In a world first, a team co-led by a physicist at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) has discovered that excitons—excited electrons bound to empty electron “holes”—can exist stably and travel rapidly through metal.
Nanofiber-based biodegradable millirobot
A nanofiber-based biodegradable millirobot, called “Fibot”, was successfully developed in research led by a scholar from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU). Fibot can move in the intestines and degrade in response to the pH of its environment, thus releasing different drugs in different anchored positions.
river pollutant
A recent global study, with the participation of scholars from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU), found broad contamination of common pharmaceuticals in many of the world’s rivers, including two Hong Kong rivers: the Kai Tak River and the Lam Tsuen River.
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