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A new book, authored by a law professor at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU), provides an in-depth analysis of four economically significant Asian jurisdictions, Mainland China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore, and offers timely policy recommendations for the design of corporate restructuring laws.
lu yang
Researchers at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) recently discovered a low-cost, direct method to turn commonly used 3D printable polymers into lightweight, ultra-tough, biocompatible hybrid carbon microlattices, which can be in any shape or size, and are 100 times stronger than the original polymers.
Professor Yang Yong, from 澳门金沙投注中心
A research team co-led by materials scientists from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) has recently discovered a new mechanism to increase the strength and ductility of a high-entropy alloy, two properties which normally vary inversely with each other. The findings provide important insights for the future design of strong yet ductile high-entropy alloys and high-entropy ceramics.
Dr Chen Ting-Hsuan, cityu
A research team led by 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) recently invented an accurate rapid-testing device that can quantify and display the antibody level as a length of a visual bar, like a mercury thermometer, in as few as 20 minutes, enabling convenient mass screening or individual monitoring of immune protection against COVID-19.
C. elegans
A team co-led by a 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) neuroscientist has identified a key mechanism of a biological clock that ensures roundworms stay regular by defecating at steady intervals.
Professor Chen Sheng
A research project led by a scholar at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU), titled "Multi-disciplinary approaches to tackling the global public health threat of hypervirulent and multidrug-resistant (MDR) Klebsiella pneumoniae" received research funding in the 12th round of the Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) under the Research Grants Council (RGC) of the University Grants Committee (UGC) for a five-year project.
vuv light
A research team co-led by 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) have successfully developed a novel Vacuum Ultra-Violet (VUV) meta-lens which can generate and focus the VUV light, a disruptive technology for the UV optics market.
Piezoelectric materials are applicable in the biomedical field, and if they can be biocompatible and degradable, it will be a big step towards real applications. Recently, a research team at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) developed a simple exfoliation method to prepare ultrathin films of small intestine tissues from sheep.
rna dna twist change
The double-helix structure of DNA deforms by environmental stimuli, which will then affect gene expression, and eventually trigger a sequence of cellular processes. Recent researches led by a physicist from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) observed substantial DNA deformations by ions and temperature changes.
ultra-violet lasers
A collaborative research team co-led by researchers from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) developed a new approach to generate deep-ultraviolet lasing through a “domino upconversion” process of nanoparticles using near-infrared light, which is commonly used in telecommunication devices.
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