Student Support

Student Development Services (SDS) is a good companion of your study journey, please visit SDS website ( for information on your university adjustment, personal growth, and career development.


Financial Assistance

To provide financial support to local needy students, the Student Finance Office (SFO) [學生資助處], under the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA) of the Hong Kong SAR Government, provides a number of financial assistance schemes, namely Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS), Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students (NLSFT), Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP), Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS) as well as Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS), which is the paramount source of financial support for needy students.

The University also offers bursaries and loans which are donated by individuals, private organizations, professional bodies, or academic departments to full-time local students who face financial hardship or whose financial needs are inadequately met by the Government Grants and/or Loans. In general, the University Bursaries and Loans are to supplement the financial assistance provided by the Government, needy students should first apply for the Government Grants and Loans.

The University Bursaries and Loans are open for applications in September. However, students with emergency needs arising from a sudden change in financial conditions may apply for an emergency fund throughout the academic year via Student Development Services. [For details]


(Updated on 11 July 2022)



To recognise students' academic and non-academic achievement, the University offers various types of scholarships and prizes which are donated by individuals, private organizations, professional bodies or academic departments.? In general, the award value varies, and it may range from HK$5,000 to HK$100,000 each. [For details]



Transition to the University is an important stage in your life. CityU's counselling service provides you a caring professional support during your university life journey.

Our counselling team will attentively listen to you, clarify your thoughts, and fuel you with courage in negotiating life to become wholesome. We are with you when you are in pain and stress, and we celebrate with you when you reap fruits of success.?[For details]


Student Lockers

Student lockers are available for rental in order to facilitate students' learning journey at CityU.

1. Eligibility:?Undergraduate/ Taught Postgraduate/ Doctorate Students

2. Locker Application Procedure:

  • Online Registration Period:?26 August - 2 September 2022
    **Online registration is available via the University Portal (AIMS?> Student Services > Student Locker)

  • Announcement of Lot Drawing Result:?From 7 September 2022 onwards

  • Period for Successful Applicants to Lock the Assigned Lockers:?7 - 30 September 2022

3. Annual Rental Fee:

The annual rental fee of $50 will be included in the student's statement of account or the student's monthly tuition/ continuation fee payment via autopay. Successful Applicants are required to settle the total amount accordingly. The rental fee is non-refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to early termination of rental due to users' graduation, withdrawal from or termination of studies, or any other causes prior to the end of the rental period.

4. Locker Record:

Students can check the lot drawing result and their locker record via the University Portal (AIMS> Student Services > Student Locker > Student Locker Record).